After Iowa: Can a Christian Support Donald Trump?

With Trump maintaining a commanding lead, many are asking, “How can you follow Jesus and Donald Trump?” Let’s be crystal clear here: We are not following a man; we are shaping a movement. A better biblical question is, What direction is the country heading? 

Confrontation over Character

If a leader lacks Christian character but is pointing the nation back to God, is that a bad thing? If they are being a terror to terrorists and making America secure, is that a bad thing? If they are honoring hard work and minimizing free handouts, is that a bad thing? If they are fighting the global agenda to enslave America, is that a bad thing?

God doesn’t judge a nation based on the character of one man; He judges it based on the spiritual health of her people — from corrupt Balaam to ungodly kings in the Old Testament — if leaders direct the people back to God, it can be a very good thing.

A Reality Check

Not voting for Trump is a vote against what needs to happen in this nation. We can’t allow “personal” pain or “flawed” character to have national consequences. We’re not playing games anymore — serious things are on the line that have massive consequences for you and your children and grandchildren. We need to wake up.

There is no Plan B. Although I really like Ron DeSantis, and Vivek’s wit and knowledge are impressive, I don’t believe that any other candidate can carry Trump’s momentum.

For those who say they won’t be voting for him, your silence speaks volumes. Saying nothing is saying something.

Bursting at the Border

Christians love refugees and immigrants and are eager to help with food, lodging, and jobs. But at the national level, the president is to put the safety and provision of the American people first.

When an airplane loses cabin pressure, parents put on their oxygen masks first to better assist their child. This isn’t selfishness; it’s wisdom. Opening the borders parallels cabin pressure falling and a limited supply of masks. Our law enforcement officers could not sustain the load, nor could our nation’s healthcare system. And the truth is that we may have more “enemies” than “friendlies” crossing the border.

Who is Influencing You?

The majority of news outlets spin everything (yes, everything) to put Trump in a bad light. Their hatred for him trumps the truth. Their agenda is simple and clear: Remove him from office at any cost! And I hope you realize this: They are really coming after you, me, and our Christian values.

The push toward open borders is more about votes than truly helping people; hence the media’s silence on this issue. Open borders would be like me telling my kids to leave their windows open in case a stranger needs a warm night’s sleep. That would be severe parental neglect because many harmful things could also enter through those open windows. Open borders would parallel that type of irresponsibility.

Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts

Most critics don’t care what the facts are. Their hatred for the former president overshadows their desperate need for humility. Let this sink in: Innocent children will be protected, godly counsel will hopefully surround Trump, terror will be restrained, good judges will be selected, socialism will be resisted, families will be encouraged via prices dropping, prayer will be sought again, and on and on it goes.

It’s time to embrace facts over feelings and results over emotions. 

Rough but Tough

An analogy that I often use will bring this point home: The head of a neighborhood watch program, who took the late-night watches, was occasionally gruff and impulsive, and sometimes his words were crass and offensive, but he watched over the neighborhood diligently each night.

Each week, he invited church leaders into his home to pray for him and his family and to seek their advice. He often stood against others on the committee who wanted to enact policies harmful to the neighborhood and to the children, such as advocating an open-door policy where residents were required to allow anyone into their homes at all hours of the day for handouts.

Is this not the kind of person you would want leading your neighborhood watch? Does his past or his demeanor matter more than the results he is accomplishing? If you are intellectually honest, the answer is not difficult.

Blinded by Pride

As a personal observation, I have noticed that those who oppose president Trump typically embrace liberal theology or they’re allowing anger and pride to blind them. It makes one wonder what is truly leading them.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too — there is no middle ground for Christians today. You can choose a president who will seek to destroy America (and in many ways already has), or you can choose to back President Trump.

Again, there is no Plan B. I’m more concerned with our nation’s national character than I am with the president’s personal character.

For more, watch the sermon, Prepare for War in 24, here.

Shane Idleman

Shane Idleman is the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Leona Valley, Ca. His sermons, books, articles, and radio program have sparked change in the lives of many.

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