Oct. 4-6: Live Simulcast Event

It is without exaggeration that we are living in times unparalleled in history. As a nation, America is in a cross-roads and the world is reeling to and fro without any moral bearing. Amidst this great crisis, the Church seems to be sleeping. We desperately need true revival from heaven.

After five years of not hosting any large events, the Lord has placed on our hearts to host again a large SermonIndex Simulcast meeting. We pray that this is just not another conference or meeting, but a crisis point that we can hear clearly God’s heart and respond with repentance and prayer. It is not too late for God to send revival, revive His Church, and win the lost world to Himself.

We have prayerfully selected 12 speakers to seek the face of God and give us God’s heart for the current hour. Would you consider being a part of this event in 2018 and being part of the solution of praying for revival? Our focus is on Jesus Christ and not on men, but we do believe God will speak through these men as vessels to help us in our response to God.

The simulcast will be hosted live in the Lancaster, CA area, where the speakers will be present. But you are free to join any live simulcast Church location where the entire event will be broadcasted via video. At each location, there will be a host who will guide the time and you can pray and worship at the live location. Lastly, there will be multiple options such as Facebook Live for believers to watch and share the event.

We ask you commit to pray for revival in 2018 and let those prayers culminate with this Simulcast Event.

Let us know any way we can serve you.

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